Philips HeartStart FR3 AED Text Display with Soft System Carrying Case


This Philips HeartStart FR3 AED Text Display with Soft System Carrying Case includes:

  • 1 - Philips HeartStart FR3 AED - text display only (PN: 861388)
  • 1 - Philips HeartStart FR3 AED Soft System Carry Case with room for extra pads and battery (PN: 989803179161)
  • 1 - Philips HeartStart FR3 AED Battery (PN: 989803150161)
  • 1 - Philips SMART Pads III (PN: 989803149981)
  • 1 - Setup Guide and Administrative Reference

The HeartStart FR3 is Philips best professional-grade AED. This Philips HeartStart FR3 automatically powers on to help you provide therapy faster. Receive patient specific guidance from the HeartStart FR3 during the lifesaving process. This unit is small, light and has been designed to be rugged and reliable. It is equipped with a text only display and comes with the soft system carry case.

Alternate models: 861389-NS3 (ECG)

Philips HeartStart FR3 AED

  • Wirelessly transmit event data to Philips HeartStart Event Review software via the Philips FR3 Bluetooth Transceiver Module (PN: 989803150081). Purchased separately.
  • Configure and manage multiple AEDs to ensure consistent deployment using Philips HeartStart Configure software, sold separately. Management via bluetooth or SD card.
  • Flexible design with upgradable platform for future advancements.
  • Military-grade durability with IP 55 rating and U.S. Army AWR certification.
  • Training packages
A reliable investment for your agency
  • Configurable and upgradeable using HeartStart Configure software via bluetooth or SD card.
  • The FR3 is lightweight, rugged, and reliable - 3.5lbs, IP55 rating and tested to U.S. Military standards, 5-year warranty on device.
  • Philips SMART Pads III are used for adults, infants, and children, and are compatible with HeartStart FR2 and Philips monitor/defibrillators.
  • Daily, weekly, and monthly automated tests with green ready light ensure it's always ready to use.
  • Train directly on the FR3 using training pads and rechargeable training battery, or purchase an FR3 AED Trainer device and keep your FR3 in service.
  • Bright, high-resolution color LCD that can show text or ECG. Text-only models cannot be later upgraded to ECG waveform capabilities.
Quality CPR comes standard
  • SMART CPR analyzes the presenting condition and provides patient-specific guidance on the best initial therapy - CPR or defibrillation.
  • Philips Quick Shock technology minimizes CPR interruptions, typically arming in less than 8 seconds from the "Stop CPR".
  • CPR metronome to assist with correct compression timing and performance. Optional Q-CPR measurement and feedback for guidelines compliant CPR.
Pre-connected Philips SMART Pads III with no foil pouch
  • Use one set of pads for all patients - for pediatrics simply use the infant/child key
    (PN: 989803150031 - purchased separately)
  • Automatically powers-on with FR3 carry case to immediately focus on pad placement and pads are automatically self-tested when pre-connected.
  • Easier hand-off, easier inventory - SMART Pads III are compatible with the Philips HeartStart FR2-Series device and also work with Philips monitors and defibrillators, such as the HeartStart MRx.
Long-life HeartStart FR3 primary battery
  • Built with long-life primary cells, the FR3 primary battery typically provides 300 shocks or up to 12 hours of operating time.
  • Includes a standby life of 3 years when stored in the device and has a shelf life of 5 years.
Display up to 12-Lead ECG (ECG models only)
  • LCD color display, 320 x 240 pixels, 2.8" x 2.1"
  • Obtain Pads ECG directly through the 2 multifunction defibrillation electrode pads (SMART Pads).
  • Utilize 3-Lead, 5-Lead, or 12-Lead cable to gather additional leads and display 4 or 12 ECG waves.
Integrates with Philips data management software solutions
  • HeartStart Data Messenger - automatically route events from your responders' computers based on your desired workflow.
  • Philips Data Software Development Kit - Add a defibrillator event to any ePCR software enabled with the SDK.
  • HeartStart Configure - Standardize or customize your AED settings according to your program's protocols.
  • HeartStart Event Review - Review, annotate, print and stored AED cases in a database. Also consider Event Review Pro.

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More Information
Recommended Use Professional Rescuer (EMS, FD, PD, MIL)
Infant/Child Usage Same Pads, Use Infant/Child Key
LCD Screen Yes, LCD 320x240 Color
Product Line 1 Philips HeartStart AEDs
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