Philips HeartStart AEDs

The Power to Save a Life - Faster, Easier, Better with Philips HeartStart

The Philips® HeartStart® line of AEDs offers comprehensive lifesaving solutions for professional rescuers, industrial response teams, offices and clinics, and bystanders.  Featuring the latest defibrillation technology and guidance, each of the intuitively-designed HeartStart AEDs (automated external defibrillators) is fast and easy to use and maintain for any team.  

Philips HeartStart FR3

Philips HeartStart FR3

Perfect for law enforcement, fire departments and other professional rescuers, the FR3 offers a 320x240 color LCD display with text or ECG capabilities. With the SMART Pads III for adults and children, there's no need to change the pads - simply insert an infant/child key to reduce  defibrillation therapy levels. The HeartStart FR3 offers advanced AED features, such as Q-CPR support, multiple languages, removable data cards, and ePCR integration support.
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Philips HeartStart FRx

Philips HeartStart FRx

Quickly deliver effective defibrillation therapy with step-by-step guidance provided by the FRx AED. Complete with air-worthy and aviation packages, the FRx product line features an infant/child key, multipatient SMART Pads II, and optional data management software with retrieval via infrared data port.
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Philips HeartStart OnSite HS1

Philips HeartStart OnSite

Best described by Philips, the HeartStart OnSite is designed for the ordinary person in the extraordinary moment. With the OnSite Ready-Pack, the AED ships virtually ready-to-use - just pull the green tab to launch the initial self-test. Featuring the same cardiac technologies and voice coaching as its full-featured siblings, you can be confident knowing that you're providing the best therapy.
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